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Birding is the enjoyable sport of listening, watching and identifying the diverse array of birds here in the Northwood’s. Whether on the Sunrise grounds, in the woods, near a lake shore or along a flowing stream various birds can be located.  Eagles, Ospreys, Loons, Ducks, Herons (and of course seagulls) are likely to be seen on an enjoyable boat ride around Lac Vieux Desert. A fun and relaxing way to get closer to nature.

Before sun up until after dark various bird sounds can be heard. Locally you may hear the high pitched scream of the Bald Eagle, two or three whistled notes of the Black Capped Chickadee, the haunting wail of the Common Loon or the rumbling wing noise of the Ruby Throated Hummingbird .


Each season brings different resident birds to the Land O Lakes area. Spring and fall we see a large influx of short term visitors on their way to permanent seasonal habitats.

Birds Without Borders is an organization devoted to conserving birds in the Western Hemisphere. They have extensively studied bird species and habitats from Belize in Central America to Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin. Their study ran from 1997 to 2007. Methods included banding, census taking, point counts, spot mapping, nest searching and monitoring. One hundred and forty six species of birds were identified at the Land O’ Lakes study site.

Birds Without Borders located species from very common to the unique. Eighteen of the species remain in the Land O’ Lakes area year around. Eleven species are both year around and short distance migrants. An additional fifty three species have populations that migrate both short distances and to the tropics. Twenty five at risk species bred at the Land O’ Lakes study site.

A complete listing of species in Land O’ Lakes, other Wisconsin locations and in Belize can be downloaded free of charge at

Last winter the Sunrise staff watched a Bohemian Waxwing pick minature crabapples off the tree at the corner of the lodge.

This spring a colorful Sacrlet Tanager visited us briefly.

We always marvel at the site of the majestic Bald Eagle.

Birds can be located and enjoyed in all seasons. Early spring (April & May) will maximize your opportunity to locate the various species. Fall migration is also a prime birding time. Many Bald Eagles winter on Lac Vieux Desert and the Wisconsin River. The numerous smaller winter birds add life and song to our quiet and snowy winter days.

Sunrise welcomes you to enjoy the sport of birding – whether an hour or two or an entire week. The birds are here for you.

We will supply you with materials to make your experience more productive and rewarding. Backpacks can be checked out at the front desk. These will contain a bird book featuring I.D. information, pictures and actual bird sounds. Also you will find binoculars, bird checklists, area birding information, pencils and notepads. We will gladly furnish you with a packed lunch or snack such as cheese, crackers, cookie and a beverage.

Land O’ Lake is currently developing a 40 mile birding and biking trail that will be known as the Agonikak Trail. This will be primarily in the Ottawa National Forest and Sylvania Wilderness Area. Eight miles have been completed and a pristine ten mile portion has been trail brushed and signed. The remaining miles are in the developmental stage.

Get in on the Northwood’s fastest growing sport – BIRDING!